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who WE ARE

Integral Insight is a consulting group founded to bring the latest in human potential research to bear on organizational opportunities and challenges. We are an international group dedicated to the mulit-faceted development of individuals, teams and organizations.

Our consulting approach explores the key aspects of human experience: culture and perspective of the world; self and awareness; social systems and the environment; and physical reality. Models of the human development process allow us to assess the filters and operating systems” of individuals, groups and communities. With these models we are able to assist organizations to create communications and structures that are congruent with the development stage of its employees, its culture and its environments. The result: balanced and comprehensive programs that allow companies to incorporate solutions from many disciplines and philosophies.

Integral Consulting is based on extensive cross-cultural research in human capacities:

We meet people where they are…literally through our worldwide contacts and figuratively by accepting the people as they are.

We tailor our solutions to the individual needs of our clients – we do not offer “cookie-cutter” solutions.

We provide managers and executives with tools and methods for finding personal satisfaction at work; for identifying their unique contribution to their team, company and industry.

Our integrative approach to doing business results in ventures that are profitable, personally fulfilling and support global sustainability.

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